who i am

Lover of all things plaid, polka dot, and Chuck Taylor. Been a writer all my life. Been a mother since 2010. A wife since 2008. Figuring out this whole thing called balance so I can walk in my purpose and slay giants along the way.

This is my creative space. It serves to get the stuff out of my head that keeps me up at night. I get a lot of ideas and my delayed sense of urgency keeps me from writing them down before I forget. Hopefully this will help me to get it all (or a big chunk) of it out.

Check me out when you can. You might find something you like. Just don’t get accustomed to the site’s theme because I’m still looking for the theme I like. I’ll probably just get one of the homies to customize the page for me.

Hit me up at mydearadia@gmail.com if you want to chat.

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